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The new experiential marketing era, which focuses on giving target audiences a brand-relevant customer experience that adds value to their lives. Experiential Marketing is made up of live brand experiences – two way meaningful communications between consumers and brands, Love Creative Marketing demonstrates with our experiential marketing case studies and seminars how to go about planning, activating and evaluating for best results.

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Brief: Love Creative Marketing Agency managed a high impact flash mob live brand on behalf of Saatchi & Saatchi and MS & L , to provide Voltarol (a pain relief medication), with an inspirational stunt, that encouraged physical participation by using movement to stimulate power.

Experiential Method: A branded dance floor with a difference was set up for people to go and dance on it and experience ‘the joy of movement’. One of the objectives was to ensure the stunt would enable Voltarol to collect enough quality footage to create videos that were fun, joyful, inspiring and intriguing, to use for further digital and media amplification. The day was a fantastic experience for both shoppers and staff, videos were uploaded on to YouTube by passers by who had stopped and watched our dancing granny as she let loose on the stage!

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