Campaign Overview:

Love Creative Marketing worked on behalf of Skoda, to activate a large scale national ambient media campaign to spread awareness and generate word-of-mouth for Skoda’s car launch; the ‘Yeti’.

Chalk Stencil Agency

The campaign’s intriguing elements consisted of guerilla activity in highly exposed pedestrian areas and included graphic impressions of “Yeti footprints” detailing a teaser campaign on a ‘Yeti spotting’ website, giant art in fields named ‘mow art’, 3D chalk art, ‘mud tagging’, and Flogo’s (logo shaped clouds in the sky!). Clean stencils were use in additional locations


Creative Marketing| Flogos

The campaign ran for 8 weeks across 12 cities, and was amplified through the Yeti Spotting micro site, which linked to social media activity on Facebook and Twitter.


  • 125 million + OTS (opportunities to see)
  • 680+ executions

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