Wild Posting Los Angeles | Miami | New York USA

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Wild posting advertising campaigns in Los Angeles that will get your brand seen by thousands. Our street marketing campaigns are guerrilla. This means we place your posters in key locations across states including Los Angeles, Miami, New York.

Cost for Wild Postering Services

The cost for wild posting can differentiate depend on the quantity and targeted locations. At Love Creative Marketing, we ensure our clients get bespoke rates for campaigns with more than 100 posters.

Poster Production and Sizes

Wild posting Los Angeles and other states could require different sizes. We always recommend A2, A1 or A0 poster size. This way we can have more impact if placing more than 100 posters. This means we can place posters in targeted areas that have room for small posters vs searching for bigger sites.

If you would like to discuss you’re wild postering campaign USA or UK contact us below and we cover more states than listed, so enquire below: