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Wheat Pasting Poster Advertising USA

Guerrilla Marketing Agency New york LCM worked with a record publishing company Ghostluvme to deliver wild posting across New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta. The campaign seen over 1500 posters placed on the launch of the album. The objective was to execute a street-level campaign, using wild posting, that would expand Ghostluvme’s fan base beyond the existing online following, using his striking poster.

Wild Posting Advertising

Wild Posters

The design, aiming to evoke intrigue and curiosity, included a QR code to drive traffic to the download the new album. Love Creative Marketing deployed their promo team across New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, and Miami for maximum reach in multiple cities.

Poster Advertising New York

Poster Advertising Agency USA

The Ghostluvme wildposting campaign by LCM effectively harnessed the power of guerrilla marketing to create a strong impact in the USA’s competitive music scene. By strategically placing attention-grabbing posters in key locations Love Creative Marketing showcased their ability to craft innovative street marketing solutions for clients in the music and entertainment industry.

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