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Miami Product Sampling Campaign

Guerrilla marketing in Miami is what most brands tend to use when attracting new audiences. At Love Creative Marketing Agency we are a one stop shop for below the line unconventional marketing strategies. Our job is to generate brand awareness and drive sales, which are 2 of the most common brand objectives.

Why Target Miami Florida

Miami Florida is one of the highest populates states in America with a whopping 21,700,000 and still growing. Miami Florida holds some of the largest universities in the USA.

Promo Hostess Miami

Promo Hostesses Miami

Alcohol brands and FMCG brands use this advantage to deliver their brand message to a wide rage of audiences. Once delivered these students and other demographics have connections with other states and WOM (word of mouth) can spread exceptionally fast along with a digital presence.

Promo Staffing Agency Miami

Product Sampling Miami

Miami Promo Girls

During the month of march 2019 we distributed 100’s of beer product samples to targeted groups in Miami. This campaign was targeted and grew sales in the region and online presence. The best ways of creating an integrated promo will be to speak with a member of our creative team to see how we can help. Other guerrilla marketing activities can include chalk floor stencils, building projections, branded vehicles, Exhibition Staff, and much more.

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