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Sidewalk marketing is a great way to raise brand awareness and create social media buzz. Using Eco chalk and stencils which will then slowly fade away, it does not class as graffiti as it’s not permanent.

Sidewalk Marketing Tactics New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles

Sidewalk Adverting USA

If you are looking for a sidewalk marketing agency, speak to the experts today. At Love Creative Marketing, we have delivered 1,000s of sidewalk eco chalk stencils across New York, Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

Sidewalk Advertising Examples

Many people ask the question can sidewalk advertising drive sales? In short the answer is yes. It will come down to the actual creative. Also, another common question is ‘Can you use QR codes in sidewalk markings?’ At this time we would advise, no to that.

Pavement markings and advertising tactics using eco chalk are fine and legal as they don’t stay on the ground for more than one month depending on how heavy the rain falls. Even after a heavy shower they still will be visible, but slowly fade away.

Sidewalk advertising in New York

How Much Does Sidewalk Advertising Cost?

Sidewalk advertising cost depend on the amount of impressions. So for example, if you have 40 impressions this can cost up to $4000. This will generally cover a 5 mile radius or up to 10 blocks. If you would like more impressions or are targeting different states, this cost can be negotiated. The more sidewalk chalk stencils, the better the price!

How do I Provide the Artwork for Sidewalk Advertising?

You will need to speak to the agency or fill in the contact form below. We will provide a quick response to quotes and any questions. Lead-time would normally be anywhere from 10-20 days from receiving the final artwork.

Brand Awareness Sidewalk Advertising – Guerrilla Marketing Pavement Markings

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