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Product sampling is an effective strategy in marketing in which a company gives free samples of their products to potential customers. This helps in the sales as well as in the reach and trust in the brand. Case study of an effective product sampling campaign for the Indian healthcare brand Dabur, carried out by Love Creative Marketing. The localized global campaign was set up in New York to reach the plus local markets that were of interest, as well as South Asian market when the Cricket World Cup 2024 happened.

Product Sampling: An Overview

Case Study : Dabur’s Campaign in New York – Campaign Objectives

Enhance Brand Visibility : Dabur Nutritional juices range.

Drive Sales – To drive sales of Dabur products through direct consumer engagement.

Create Buzz: To bring buzz and talkability around Dabur offerings.

Target Audience

It placed its primary emphasis on the South Asian community, most notably during the Cricket World Cup 2024 and large matches like India vs Pakistan and Indias vs USA.

Location and Timing

The campaign was tactically sited near the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York. This was the location for footfall on grounds where cricket match or two had just played and was important for their set of audience.

Execution: Love Creative Marketing USA

Love Creative Marketing and Dabur joined forces, to deliver an interactive brand engagement campaign. Key elements included:

Sampling Kiosk Stations around the ground for free product samples on both dates.

Brand Ambassadors: Product-specific promotional staff engaged with consumers to introduce new products and solicit feedback.

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics: Planted Ambassadors to hit maximum exposure.

Campaign Highlights

Product Sampling Brand Awareness Campaign

Nutritional Juices and Snacks

It indulged consumers with a sampling of all-natural nutritional juices and snacks to enjoy the authentic flavour of India, this resulted in building consumer interest followed by sales.

Challenges and Solutions

– Logistical Challenges: Distributing samples in the heart of a bustling location needed very careful co-ordination.

Cultural Engagement: It was critical that the campaign would be relatable to the target group. • Love Creative Marketing managed this by using brand ambassadors who were familiar with the cultural context of the products.

Results and Impact

Increased Brand Awareness

As a result, the campaign succeeded at making Dabur one of the publically most recognizable South Asian brands in New York.

Sales Boost

A detailed post-campaign analysis proved to us that the sales of all these sampled products had improved significantly; thereby cementing the success of this product sampling exercise.

Enhanced Brand Loyalty

Sample-attenders went on to buy Dabur products and were more likely to remain as repeat customers, underpinning the value from an engagement standpoint.


It was an amazing product sampling campaign created by Love Creative Marketing for Dabur in New York. Targeting the South Asian market at a large sporting event and using professional product sampling staff, Dabur increased its brand visibility, increased sales and created a lasting impression with customers. The case study is powerful in demonstrating how thoughtful and good product sampling can help to reach your marketing objectives in a tight market.


What is the benefit of brand from product sampling?

For a brand, Product sampling reaps benefits such as Brand Exposure, New customer acquisition and Higher Sales through consumer engagement.

How do product sampling staff fit into a campaign?

Product sampling staff who interact with consumers, give product information and act as the face of a brand directly affect consumer feelings and experiences.

So why the Cricket World Cup for Dabur?

The Cricket World Cup was selected as cricket is a very popular sport amongst the South Asian community and it enabled us to focus on this target audience.

What were the challenges faced by Dabur in their campaign?

As Dabur: It was a logistical nightmare to do the handover and also we were not sure of cultural sensitivity distribution keeping with culture. This was solved by meticulously selecting and hiring a culturally versed team of brand ambassadors along with strong planning.

What did Dabur achieve through its product sampling campaign?

Marketed, designed and implemented a highly successful couponing program that raised brand awareness, improved targeted item sales and generated high degrees of consumer brand loyalty.

What makes Guerrilla Marketing work?

Basically Guerrilla Marketing comes as an alternative because it uses unconventional methods to address new target groups, making the audience really interact with the brand.