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Love Creative Marketing were approached by ING to implement an exciting ground-breaking ambient promotional marketing campaign using bespoke 3D art and installations across the globe.

Brand Ambassadors New York

ING’s worldwide, ‘Be Good At Money’ campaign, encouraged members of the target audience to consider their relationship with finance using product specific messages to achieve set objectives. In each market the product focus varied, and as a result, four different “Be Good At Money” 3D chalk art executions and a playground installation were to be used to communicate the key messages across the markets.

These included a slide and bench installation, 3D craters, 3D ice scenes, a 3D piggy bank, and a 3D pool and deckchairs.

The Solution

A dedicated micro-site and Facebook page was set up for a competition. Brand Ambassadors took photographs of consumers posing on the 3D chalk art, which were later uploaded and given away as instant prints in real time for a memento. A competition simultaneously ran, enabling consumers to vote for their favourite pictures, and the photo with the most votes in each individual market place won an iPad. Pop-up banners, flyers and Promo Staff communication reinforced these Be Good At Money messages, and drove participation in the contest.

Brand Ambassadors

Hire Brand Ambassadors

Based in various malls and airports in the different countries, the plan to implement 3D chalk art ads and playground installations were developed into a strategic experience which drove in-depth engagement and word of mouth due to the fun element of the execution, as well as generating data and significant content for digital and social media amplification.

Eight individual markets were exposed to the campaign, UK, Honk Kong, Japan, Chile, Mexico, Romania, Spain, and India. Post campaign, ING is still continuing to reach more and more people through the digital amplification of the ambient activity, reinforcing the ‘Be Good At Money’ message.

To date, the campaign has generated astounding results which include:

  • 5.2 m OTS (Opportunities to See)
  • 175,222 general interactions
  • 6,642 data capture forms
  • 144,313 WOM (Word Of Mouth reach)
  • 21,557 visits to the microsite
  • 12,128 unique visitors on the microsite
  • 5,553 diverted users from the microsite to the Facebook ‘Be Good At Money’ page
  • 34,310 people who went to the Facebook 3D Chalk Art sub tabs

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