Love Creative Marketing Agency will book your promotional space New York and selected states. Busy high footfall shopping Malls with ABC demographic.  Subway stations shopping malls big and small, having access to 1000’s of promotion sites and pop up shop locations around the USA.

Promotional Space Hire


Centre   Area Location ABC1 Footfall Female   Site Name Width Length Height
Bluewater London & South East Greenhithe 72% 540,384 70% Moon Court 8m 8m 2.1m
Brent Cross Shopping Centre London & South East Hendon 73% 288,461 70% Centre Court 6m 7m 2.4m
Bridges North East Sunderland 45% 403,846 64% Central Square: Sites 1 & 2 6m 12m 2m
Buchanan Galleries Scotland Glasgow 363,950 72% North Atrium: Ground Floor 7m 4m 2.4m
Cabot Circus South West Bristol 378,846 55% Site B 8m 7m 2m
centre:mk London & South East Milton Keynes 63% 600,000 66% Site 35: Boots/ Vodafone/ Orange 4m 11m 2.5m
centre:mk London & South East Milton Keynes 63% 600,000 66% Middleton Hall Various Various Various
Churchill Square South East Brighton 65% 250,000 61% Promotional Court 7m 7m 2.1m
Festival Place South East Basingstoke 62% 350,000 80% Porchester Square: Combined Site 10m 10m 2m
Highcross Midlands Leicester 55% 330,000 67% P1 15m 8m 2.1m
Manchester Arndale North West Manchester 62% 788,461 67% Exchange Court: Combined Site – L3 & L4 15m 7.5m 2.3m

We also have experience working abroad, so if your promotional campaign is geared on a global scale we can assist you giving the right high footfall locations in other countries.
Some of the space hire search terms below you maybe looking for which we cover:

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