Augmented Reality Applications – From the consumer to the business

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With the increased use of Smartphones and other mobile devices, augmented realty, or AR campaigns are a unique and smart way to reach your consumers. Instead of traditional methods of advertising your product, such as TV commercials, YouTube videos, or magazine ads, consumers can actually interact with your actual brand. This technology is able to be integrated with any item, service, or brand.

augmented reality

What is Augmented Reality?

AR is the process of taking digital information and integrating it with a live streaming video or with the user’s actual, real time environment. This technology will take a current picture and will blend the new information into the image. The source of the augmented reality is the software that was developed. The AR that is utilized by smartphones will utilize GPS technology and allow the users location to be pinpointed in order to determine the devices orientation.

Visual Feed

There are basically three different methods of visual feed using augmented reality with your smartphone:

  1. With the use of a head mounted display. This is typically attached to glasses or a helmet. There are some devices that provide a screen to cover on of your eyes, which will project the AR.
  2. If you are using a portable computer, for example the iPhone.
  3. Spatial display

How AR app works?

There are several different AR apps currently in existence. However, due to the new technology behind it, it is still new to many app developers. If your phone has a camera, then you can utilize this technology. However, some developers have realized the limitations with this method, and created the necessity for GPS technology to be utilized.

This will help with positional types of information that may be off just a bit. One of the most difficult tasks is being able to correctly render the various 3D images. However, this is an issue that is being worked on to correct.

How AR differs from Regular?

Augmented reality apps provide users with a 3D image of what they want to see. This can be utilized in museums to make the dinosaurs come to life, and even to experience the inside of a new car, without even being on a car lot. No more do consumers have to settle for 2D pictures of a product or image they are interested in.

This technology provides many benefits and advantages that are proving profitable for many businesses who have adopted the technology.

Due to the new nature of the technology there are many developers that are still working out the bugs with AR. However, the future looks bright and it seems that this will be the new mainstream way of looking and researching various things via your smart device or mobile device.

New innovations are discovered everyday making this technology more accessible, which is extremely beneficial for developers of apps who want to stand out to consumers and develop the edge necessary to attract new customers.

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