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Love Creative Marketing Agency were approached by JD to work with them on the planning, strategy and implementation of their first ever- nationwide integrated campaign to find 16 faces to become the ‘Face of JD’. Looking for real people with real style, this competition was not about finding models.  JD Sports wanted to find males and females between the ages of 16 – 22 years who have a fresh face, street style and an attitude that reflects the JD approach to life.

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True to JD’s forward thinking style, an online app and a customised Facebook page was created were contestants had the opportunity to enter the competition.

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In addition to this, JD Sports swept across the full spectrum of the nations talent, with a social media seeding plan. This targeted relevant websites, blogs and social networking sites in order to raise maximum awareness and obtain editorial coverage of the Facebook app and ‘Face of JD’ competition.

Love Creative Marketing Agency deployed several events staff  targeting young target audiences handing out branded wristbands that directed them to the Facebook page where they could enter the competition online.

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The seeding objectives were met, maximising, increasing the number of fans of the JD sports Facebook page and promoting the Facebook app and video to encourage entries to the competition

  • 325,000 OTS (opportunity to see)
  • 630,000 WOM (including digital interaction)
  • 1904 competition entries
  • 87,497 Social media reach through seeding
  • 3,806 Facebook voting

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