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Are you looking to promote your brand, service or product? Guerrilla Marketing Agency, Love Creative Marketing USA will work with you planning and activating promo campaigns in states such as California, Florida and Virginia.

Reverse Graffiti Virginia
Chalk Sidewalk Stencils – Environmental Friendly Chalk

Street Marketing Florida, Virginia & California

There are many ways to promote your business in a cost effective way to attract new and existing audiences. It’s better to use a guerrilla marketing agency who has the experience on the streets.

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Building Light Projection Stunts

Building Video Projections
Building Light Projection

Building light projections can be a great way to broadcast your key message in a form of a video or image stills on a slideshow. Street marketing Agency Love Creative Marketing has huge resource to buildings in Virginia, Miami and California where building projections can be placed for up to 1-3 hour per night. This form of advertising is great to generate online buzz!

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Advertising Mobile Media Vehicles

To hire mobile media vehicles, contact us. We have delivered 100’s of promotional roadshows that run form one day to 8 weeks plus. The great thing with mobile media vehicles is that they can be driven and parked in key locations displaying your brand message. It’s better to have a call to action message so passer-by audiences can take a photo and share on social media. Alternatively, you can give out product samples or run a brand experience like the above images.

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