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We love the idea of Guerilla Gardeners; these are groups of gardeners that cultivate neglected land in an effort to improve the area. Doing this is technically illegal because they are working on land that doesn’t belong to them, however I can’t imagine that anyone minds too much.

Guerilla Marketing Ideas

Therefore with the unlikely joining of gardening and marketing Adidas created a little rebel movie about a stealth urban farm group armed with night goggles and an assortment of crime/ gardening devices. Transforming pockets of London through an original and inspiring Guerrilahas given Adidas an image of an environmental conscious as they launch their collection of footwear that minimises its environmental impact by being as efficient as possible with the use of the natural resources involved in its production. It was created due to the increasing consumer awareness of the importance of sustainability.

However the question has to be asked, who continues the care for these mini gardens.

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Ever wanted to see your name in lights? Well Coca Cola have created a unique experiential campaign called ‘The Personalised Road’. This  is a long popular strip of large billboards that have been transformed into your personalised advert.

This clever experiential marketing campaign means that through geo-fencing anyone who has downloaded and connected with Coca Cola’s app will have their name appear on the oversized space as they approach the strip. The app automatically links to the billboards and sends a message to the user notifying then that they are about to see their name in lights!

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