How to Use Promotional Vehicles to Maximize Your Business Reach

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Marketing is essential for any company that wants to reach a new audience and promote its products and services. However, your marketing campaigns must be exciting, intriguing, and innovative to be effective. Promotional vehicles are an often overlooked and underutilised form of advertising that can help you make an immediate impact and draw attention to your brand. Sadly, it’s not as simple as painting your company logo on the side of a van and calling it a day. To help you make the most of this form of advertising, we will explain how to use promotional vehicles to maximize your business reach.

What are Promotional Vehicles

Any vehicle, such as trucks, cars, vans, and SUVs to which you apply adhesive graphics, can serve as a promotional vehicle. You can apply the graphical design to the entire vehicle‘s exterior (also called a full wrap) or only to the body panels (a decal wrap). The first promotional use of buses and trucks dates back to the ‘70s; however, the designs have become much more intricate. This sort of marketing is sometimes also referred to as mobile advertising.

Some promotional vehicles have roof-mounted panels to display advertisements, but the most significant recent breakthrough has been mobile media digital truck advertising. These trucks outfitted with modern displays, can show changing ads or video content. Mobile video can immediately capture audience attention and is the best way to use promotional vehicles to maximize your business reach.

Promo Roadshow New York
Branded Promo Vehicle

The Benefits of Promotional Vehicles

The unfortunate reality of modern marketing is that people are paying less attention to conventional forms of advertising. Nowadays, audiences are exposed to endless ads on TV, billboards, and even online spaces. Business owners and marketing companies have redoubled their efforts to stand out and get noticed by a disinterested audience. However, merely increasing the amount of advertising expectedly comes with diminishing returns.

If you want people to notice your company and products, you need to think outside the box and use experiential marketing. Some products you must experience in person to appreciate them, especially those items whose main strengths lie in their taste, smell, or feel. Promotional vehicles can bring your advertising and products to your audience, giving them an exciting firsthand experience.

How to Use Promotional Vehicles to Maximize Your Business Reach

When working with an experienced marketing company, you can explain what kind of campaign you had in mind and let them take care of the details. However, if you are looking for ideas or inspiration, here are 6 ways promotional vehicles can benefit your company:

Create a Unique Experience

Unlike other forms of marketing, which rely on the audience passively viewing your ads, utilizing promotional roadshow vehicles can create a memorable experience. People had to stay home during the pandemic, so marketing naturally shifted to online spaces. However, most consumers now look for in-person experiences and spend more time outdoors.

If you choose an appropriate location and date, your promotional vehicles can attract the attention of tens of thousands. The fact that your promotion is occurring in outdoor spaces gives you plenty of opportunities to create a memorable event. What’s best is that anything exciting happening in the city center will likely be shared on social media. Therefore,  increasing the reach of your advertising efforts.

You can Combine it with Other Forms of Guerrilla Marketing

Nothing limits you to only one form of advertising when you are using promotional vehicles. Of course, you can have your wrapped cars and SUVs drive around busy intersections, but with an experienced marketing team, you can achieve much more. You can stop your vehicles at key locations and have the promotion staff engage the public. Create unexpected guerrilla marketing stunts at several places in your city quickly by driving your marketers where they are most needed.

Excellent for Product Giveaways and Promotions

If you plan to organize product giveaways, you’ll also need to have a way to get your products to interested users. Of course, the straightforward option would be to ship each item individually. However, marketing vehicles allow you to combine giveaways with public promotions.

You can go further and create a large event full of perfect photo opportunities. Use those photos and videos for your other marketing campaigns. The experts from recommend inviting the press and providing them with digital press kits. These events can expose your business to a large number of local users.

Food truck at an event in Miami beach
Product sampling trucks with free giveaways at unexpected locations are a great way to use promotional vehicles to maximize your business reach.

Spreads Brand Awareness

Attracting your audience’s attention has become increasingly difficult due to the oversaturation of advertising. One of the best ways to get people interested in your brand is to surprise them with your marketing. Instead of using a shocking or controversial message, target users with your advertising when and where they least expect it. Promotional vehicles are perfect for spreading brand awareness by catching people off guard.

Go Where Your Customers Are

Besides creating your events, you can make a presence during any prominent events in your area. It can be much cheaper to send a promotional vehicle to an event people are already attending than to gather such a large crowd by yourself. Consider using your promotional vehicles during festivals, concerts, or sporting events.

Live Demo Your Products

Using your promotional vehicles to host product demonstrations for an interested audience is perfect for answering users’ questions. Give users tips on how to get the most out of your products with in-person demos. You can even use large camper vans to host complex demonstrations and consultations that require additional gear.

In Conclusion

As you can see, promotional vehicles can be much more than just a mobile ad for your company. They are an adaptable form of mobile marketing that can get people excited about your products and brand. We’ve examined 6 ways to use promotional vehicles to maximize your business reach. Now it’s up to you to create the perfect marketing campaign. If you need help putting together a promotional roadshow for your company, we would love to help you raise awareness for your brand.

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