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A leading brand activation agency USA. Our aim is to provide creative ideas that will see you brand generate brand awareness, sales and data capture. One of our street marketing methods is clean stencils otherwise known as reverse graffiti, which we can deliver in New York and other states requested. Having delivered this kind of marketing for many top global brands generating successful results, clearly we can get your brand activation off to a flying start. Clean stencilling is one of the coolest environmentally friendly forms of marketing. It is eye catching, pioneering, environmentally safe and a great way to cost effectively publicise your brand.

Reverse Graffiti Pavement Advertising New York

Reverse graffiti has a similar effect as typical graffiti but with one key difference, it uses no paint, no chalk and not event colours. It is where an artist will find a dirty surface (pavement or wall) and clean the area into a temporary artistic image or slogan. This means there is no hassle from authorities.

Unlike traditional graffiti which is destructive in nature and scowled upon by legal circles, clean graffiti activates in a more legally ambiguous area. This form of marketing is also generally acknowledged as one of the most environmentally friendly as no ink or paper are involved whatsoever.

Chalk Stencils Biodegradable Chalk

Pavement Stencils New York

Building Projections New York & Miami

Projections on buildings, walls and pavements are photo worthy and many bystanders will snap a shot on their smartphone and share it with friends.

Building Projections USA

This therefore becomes free publicity as well – all with next to no impact on the environment. The potential of great clean graffiti projects to go viral is massive due to their nature and amazing creativity.