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Love Creative Marketing Agency was briefed by Shine Communications to recruit attractive product sampling field marketing staff for a brand awareness campaign for Kinder Bueno to encourage consumers to trial their creamy Kinder Bueno chocolate. A strategic approach was taken whereby an alluring product sampling campaign was activated to reinforce their message ‘Bueno, a little bit of what you fancy’.

Kinder Bueno Hunks – A little bit of what you fancy?

To generate the maximum amount of interest and engagement with Kinder Bueno’s female target audience, Love Creative Marketing was given the task to create a new kind of hunk, the ‘Bueno Hunk’. The thirty attractive field marketing staff were sourced and trained and subsequently had Bueno bars strapped to their chests to offer ladies the chance to peel ‘a bit of what you fancy’ straight from their chests.

Field Marketing Staff New York &  Product Sampling Teams

Field Marketing Staff

This enticing engagement with the Bueno Hunks was offered to ladies while shopping, creating the perfect complimentary chocolate sample to make any lady’s day ‘a bit of what you fancy’. Throughout the campaign ‘radio drops’ were made, and a number of lucky Media Professionals were treated to a ‘Breakfast with Bueno’.

Not only were these product sampling teams armed with the irresistibly delicious Bueno bar samples, but they were a visual representation of the brands risqué personality bringing the brand personality to life. A further buzz further buzz was created by sending the ‘Bueno hunks’ to catwalk outside tube stations to strike a pose for photo opportunities.


  • 1 Million (OTS) Opportunities to see
  • 60,000 Bueno Kinder bar samples were distributed per day
  • 800,000 people directly reached
  • Front Page coverage in Paper
  • Mentioned in the news reaching over 1.4 million viewers
  • Several on line magazines covered the story
  • Over 2 million overall reach
  • Won ‘Brand Performer Award’ at Brand X awards
  • Product samples over 3000 per day