Guerilla Marketing Campaign (Haiti)

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Rapp approached Love Creative Marketing Agency on behalf of Unicef to implement a targeted campaign to help raise awareness of the Haiti earthquake disaster and the crisis that followed. Love Creative Marketing Agency negotiated complimentary space hire locations across London’s high footfall areas and placed hard-hitting, visually impacting cardboard cut-outs of earthquake victims. The telephone number of the Haiti appeal was highly visible on the image as a call to action.


Guerilla marketing can be projections, clean stencils, flash mobs to name a few, you will need to be very creative to ensure you get the most of your guerilla campaign.

Guerilla marketing is a non paid form of marketing. If you are planning a guerilla marketing campaign and need some expert advice speak to Love Creative Marketing to see what we can do to get your guerilla marketing campaign started.


  • 250,000 opportunities to see
  • 4 media channels picked up campaign
  • 50 cardboard cut-outs
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