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Guerrilla marketing advertising consists of any unconventional marketing initiatives intended to get maximum results from minimal resources. Guerrilla marketing is an eccentric system of promotions that relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget. Guerilla Strategies involves unusual approaches in public places. Guerrilla marketing is unexpected, alternative and usually a big crowd pleaser as staff target consumers in unexpected places. Guerilla marketing can be presented in ambient media formats like clean stencils and flash mobs. The benefits of guerilla marketing is that it can generate word-of-mouth, spread virally and create a buzz around your brand service or product. Ambient Media & Guerrilla Marketing Adbikes

Love Creative Marketing agency have supplied staff for a number of successful guerrilla activities, and can help make any guerrilla campaign more effective by supplying the perfect guerilla strategies.

Guerrilla Marketing advertising is set to play a huge role in marketer’s budgets in 2017, by using unconventional techniques to create a buzz. Brands and agencies are planning and executing guerrilla marketing strategies because it’s a great marketing method to get your brand known, and generate sales in an unconventional way. It can be subtle yet powerful, unique and exciting, sometimes controversial, but always delivering a clear message. Planning a guerrilla marketing campaign is not easy; you will need years of project management experience to knowing the locations across the UK where this can be implemented hassle-free. Hiring a space in a shopping centre can cost thousands of pounds, whereas with guerrilla marketing there is no space-hire cost, only for a parking ticket or two.

If you’re not familiar with the term, guerrilla marketing is all about the idea. Whether stunts, viral videos or hard-hitting campaigns, we’re talking innovation, risk-taking and, crucially, attention-grabbing. Guerrilla campaigns are ones that break from the traditional mould of slick, polished, advertising and use a more unconventional slant.

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