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Case Studies

Belvedere Vodka Light Projections To support an existing sampling campaign occurring in a variety of high profile bars, Love Creative Marketing on behalf of LVMH (Producers and distributors of Belvedere Vodka) were asked to implement an eye-catching ambient campaign close in proximity to nearby bars.

Guerrilla Marketing Light Projections New York

Light Projections New York

The Solution

To launch the promotion in an exciting and visually engaging way, Mediacom commissioned Love Creative Marketing to devise two creative executions using striking light projection ads that clearly showcased Belvedere as an elite alcoholic beverage.

The Method

Love Creative Marketing targeted a number of areas close in proximity to bars where sampling activity occurred. In order for the campaign to be successful, extensive research was carried out to decide which areas would maintain heavy footfall and traffic within sight of the bars  Two creative light projections were devised.

The Results

The event was a success with Belvedere’s key objectives fulfilled.

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